Invest in a Company Bringing Free Music To Billions


Your investment of as little as $1,000 will help Trebel take their patented technology to nearly 5 billion consumers who need free music and offline streaming.

Top Reasons to Invest in Trebel

Compared to the 690 Million Paid Subscription Users expected in 2023, 4.3 Billion Users will need a free service.

Music streaming has increased at a 30% rate year over year

As of 2021, streaming accounts for more than 80% of US revenue from recorded-music and 60% for revenue globally.

Hedge fund billionaires are making serious investments in music streaming.

The app has exceptional reviews and ratings in all countries it’s already being used in.

What Investors Need to Know

  • Revenue will come from brand sponsorships or advertising. This will allow a higher chance of revenue compared to a flat low rate for users on paid software.
  • Successful scaling model in Mexico, with tens of thousands of new users daily. Central and South America will follow
  • Brand support: brands know the power of music and love the idea of having taylored ways to reach new audiences.
  • Artist support: provides music access to listeners around the globe, spreading music further
Trebel Music

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